Why Hire an Appraiser

Why Hire an Appraiser?

Real estate appraisers are educated professionals and experts who provide members of the public with unbiased, accurate valuations of real property. Our membership can be engaged when:

  • renovating, building, buying, or selling property;
  • financing or refinancing property;
  • making real estate investment decisions;
  • reviewing property tax assessments;
  • assessing capital gain;
  • making a claim for insurance purposes;
  • determining expropriation compensation;
  • valuing property for matrimonial purposes, arbitration, or other litigious matters;
  • valuing property for business mergers, acquisitions or dissolutions involving real estate;
  • valuing private property acquired by government for public use;
  • valuation of machinery and equipment;
  • and more.

Appraisers are highly qualified professionals that provide professional services within their area of competence. This may include properties such as vacant land, single-family dwellings, small and large rental properties, condominiums (townhomes or apartments), office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, industrial sites, farms, retirement and long-term facilities, recreational sites such as golf courses, and more. Many designated members bring specialized expertise in niche areas such as: arbitration, negotiation, expropriation, expert witness testimony, litigation support, cost-benefit studies, feasibility studies, market analysis and market rent studies, asset/portfolio management, due diligence, business valuation, tax assessment, and more.