Please contact the NSREAA Registrar at for help and support with your application.

The Registrar will provide the following support upon request:

  1. Explain the categories of membership;
  2. Explain the registration process;
  3. Explain the documents and fees required for membership application;
  4. Provide help with navigating the NSREAA website;
  5. Receive applications by email;
  6. If an application is incomplete the Registrar will advise the applicant of the outstanding documents and forms required;
  7. Provide notification when an applicant is successfully registered;
  8. If an application for membership is denied, the Registrar will explain the decision in writing; and
  9. Provide information about the appeal process for applications upon request.

Members can order a copy of their Membership Files.  To request your file please email the Registrar.  If the file is under 100 pages there is no charge for this service.  If the file is over 100 pages there is a $35 charge.